Privacy and Terms of Use Statement

The Privacy and Terms of Use explains the manner in which J.B. Havens and the J.B. Havens website collect, use, maintain and disclose information that is collected from user(s) of the website https://www./


This Privacy and Terms of Use Statement applies to the J.B. Havens website and all products and/or services offered by J.B. Havens.

We respect the privacy of the customers, visitors and other users of this website and other products or services offered by J.B. Havens.

We created this Privacy and Terms of Use Statement to inform our customers and visitors of our commitment to fair information practices, user privacy and the protection of their Personal Identifiable Information.


This Privacy and Terms of Use Statement applies only to the use of the website, products and services of J.B. Havens and does not apply to other links, websites or service arrangements that customers and visitors may commit to through use of this website.

What kind of information is collected:


We collect information that users and customers provide on a volunteer basis. By no means, are visitors to the website coerced into providing information.


We collect information regarding how you visit the website. For example, if you visit our website by way of third parties such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or another platform that provides a link to the website.


This website may collect both Identifiable and non-identifiable information from users and customers. Identifiable information is personal information about the user and customer that will identify the individual. The identifiable information collected is usually related to contact data (name, email and phone), purchases and billing, delivery of product or service (name, email, phone or location address).

Non-identifiable information may also be collected from website users. While the information may be initially considered non-identifiable, it can sometimes occur that an individual’s non-identifiable information will identify them unintentionally. At J.B. Havens, we are committed to your privacy rights and would never intentionally provide your identifiable information to other users, contracts, companies or the public.


We ask our visitors and customers to not provide information they may be uncomfortable sharing.


We may also collect information from potential partners, subcontractors or job applicants that are applying for work or position with J.B. Havens. If applicant or subcontractor takes an active relationship with J.B. Havens, an individual’s information will be stored in an active file and may be retained for a period of time (as may be required by law) after termination of the relationship. If applicant or subcontractor does not take on an active relationship with J.B. Havens, the individual’s information may be stored for a period of time or may be terminated. Website user information may also be terminated at the request of the user.

Web Browser Cookies

This website may use web browser cookies to improve and support the website user's experience. When this occurs the website user's web browser will place "cookies" on the user's hard drive in order to track information about the user and their internet search preferences. The website user may set their web browser to decline or refuse the attachment of cookies, or to alert user when cookies are being used. If the user decides to do this, there is a possibility some parts of the website may not function properly.

How We Use The Information Collected

We do not share, sell or trade the personal identifiable information of users, customers and/or visitors. We may share general information with advertisers and business associates that is connected to demographics but that does not attach to personal identifiable information or any customer or visitor. 

How we  may use the information collected:

~ To improve visitor/user experience. 

We want you to have the best experience with us and our website. We may use the information collected to provide users and visitors with a more enhanced experience by adjusting our information to meet the needs and desires of those who access this website.

~ To provide you with more of the information you want to see.

We may send occasional or periodic emails to users and customers who submit their information to us via contact forms on this website. This information is to notify our website users and customers of new services we provide or specials we may be offering.

~ To complete business transactions between user and company.

We will use the information collected to complete business transactions user and company have agreed to transact. We do not share your information with third parties.

~ If we are requested by a court of law and we are required be compliant, your information will be disclosed according to law. 

Changes to Privacy and Terms of Use Statement

We reserve the right to make changes and updates to this Privacy and Terms of Use Statement. We, therefore, encourage users of this website to refer to this statement frequently to be aware of current statement changes. 

Acceptance of Terms

Use of this website is considered acceptance of the Privacy and Terms of Use Statement. If you do not agree with the Privacy and Terms of Use Statement, we ask that you please not use our website for any reason or purpose. 

If you continue to use our website after changes have been made to this Privacy and Terms of Use Statement, your use will be considered as acceptance of the Terms spelled out herein. 

Contact Information

If you have concerns or questions about our Privacy and Terms of Use Statement or how we use the information collected, please contact us at: